Documents for Weddings



Documents required for a wedding in Rhodes


  • Copies and originals of the following documents must be sent to us by post at least one month before your wedding. (With DHL, it takes 3 days)


  • ID card or passport ( copy)

  • Complete A4 birth certificates with the names of both parents (certified extract from the stud book)

  • An absolute decree (order, resolution, ordinance) if divorced (original)

  • The death certificate of the spouse if widowed ( original)

  • An adoption certificate, if available (original)

  • Your local registry office must issue each of you with a certificate confirming the integrity of your marriage (certificate of marriage eligibility). This can take up to 3 months and must not be older than 3 months (2 originals)

  • Magic Moments Weddings must receive copies and originals of the relevant documents as soon as possible prior to their arrival in Rhodes. Your wedding planner needs the original documents for the translation from German into Greek. If desired, the wedding certificates can be translated from Greek into German, for a fee.

  • Their marriage in Greece is recognized worldwide

  • All couples who do not come from the EU must provide the documents with an apostille.


Catholic wedding


  • At least one month before the wedding and before they come, copies of state and church documents must be emailed to us at

  • Complete birth certificates for both parties with details of their first and last names; First and last name of your father and mother, your date and place of birth and your nationality

  • If a party's name has been changed, a copy of the deed survey certificate is required

  • Magic Moments Weddings must receive copies of the relevant documents as soon as possible prior to their arrival in Rhodes. The original documents must be presented to your wedding planner here in Rhodes during the first consultation. These documents are officially translated by us in Rhodes.


Requirement for the church (catholic)


  • Baptism certificate

  • Confirmation Certificate

  • Declaration of freedom by the diocese in their country

  • Letter of submission in case a Catholic marries a non-Catholic

  • Documents for the church must be presented to the church of your choice

  • The wedding planner accompanies you to your first meeting with the priest


After the wedding, the marriage must be registered in the registry office of Rhodes (Rhodes city).


  • All documents, as mentioned above, as required by the state

  • The marriage certificate signed by the incumbent priest with the official stamp of the Church

  • Your passports

  • Photocopies of the passports

  • Please note that these documents (with the exception of your passports) will be kept by the Greek authorities and will NOT be returned to them.


We at Magic Moments Wedding will do everything we can to make your dreams come true. However, it is your responsibility to prepare the documents and the requirements and procedures must be strictly adhered to.