We serve Love...

Renate Woeste

Certified Wedding Planner

Managing director and founder of Magic Moments


Irini Dimitrouli

Employee and right hand


Hello, we would like to introduce ourselves

Renate Woeste. Certified Wedding Planner  Managing director and founder. I was born in Germany and have lived on Rhodes since 2018.
After decades of connection to this wonderful country through countless holidays, I and my husband have fulfilled our biggest dream and we have left our life in Germany behind us and have been living here on Rhodes since 2018.
I am not just Renate, but also a wedding planner with passion. I do not only practice my profession, I love it!

Irini Dimitrouli, employee and right hand. Irini was born, grew up and lives in Rhodes
Irini is my right hand and we are a well-rehearsed team for many years.

For a wedding to be successful, a lot of negotiation skills, creativity, a trustworthy network, experience, patience, understanding, Energy and much love for our profession is a must for us!

Our slogan? Life is an event. Make it unforgettable! 💜

We are here for our couples to make their wedding an indescribable experience, with memories that they will carry in their hearts for the rest of their lives. Because what could be more beautiful than saying YES to each other under the Greek Sun?

This fact of being a part of this loving ceremony makes us overjoyed and drives us on.

That's why we love what we do and put all our knowledge and experience into each and every wedding to give each and every wonderful couple what they want and deserve.

Maybe you are just wondering what makes us different from other "wedding planners or event planners"? Why should you choose us in particular?

Find out together with us!

We are looking forward to you and your love story.

Love, Renate and Irini